Data is a set of information which are related to certain criteria’s and which can form a set of useful information. Data is considered to be very useful information which can make you get valuable information. Data is also said to be a set of both qualitative and quantitative set of data which are needed for any people or industry.

When you collect any information from the outside world which are related to certain terms and which will make sure all your requirements are fully fulfilled. Businesses always are in need of data which they will have to use for future processes.

Once when you want to acquire some important data then you will have to make sure that the data is stored in a safe and secured manner. The data should be efficient which will increase its readability and usability.

Importance of Data:

Data is a collection of information which will be used for making sure that all our needs are fulfilled and the data which we need is stored for future needs.  Collecting of data is a very big process which increases the question about the quality of data.

Just collecting data from many different sources will not be feasible until we make sure that the data is away from duplication and unrelated information. We will need each bit of data which we use in business for any of the future purposes and it is always important to store it securely.

Management needs for a business:

Analytics Management – Manage, deploy and monitor analytical models, and use the outcomes as new information assets.

Data Management – Manage and govern data with data integration, data quality, master data management and enterprise data access.

Decision Management – Embed information and analytical results directly into applications or processes, while managing business rules, workflow and event logic.

Data Management Services:

There are certain steps which need to be followed when you want to manage your data:

  • Removing staples, tags and arranging in sequence
  • Data Scanning – as per the guidelines received from client
  • File Format – saving output files in desirable format i.e., tiff, jpg, pdf
  • Indexing Data – keying of required fields into database format
  • Quality Check – verifying data accuracy in terms of both quality/quantity
  • Delivery – burning documents onto a CD / DVD or uploading on online portal

The main need for data management is a PC which is connected to the web the place doesn’t matter. You can access to all useful information which are stored in your database with help of software.  A software system which is connected through web is the best solution for extracting the data from the database and making sure the details in the data are safe and secured which will make sure there is not any fault. The form and the credibility of the data is very important which will make sure your information is unique.

Data Maintenance Service:

Web is the most important platform which can ensure that we will get all the data which we need with the following criteria’s:

  • Retrieve any Data instantly using a keyword search
  • Save on time and money you are investing to organize paper files
  • Get more space in your office by getting rid of filing cabinets and storage
  • Help the environment by reducing costly paper flow
  • Share documents with business partners quickly and securely

Data Management Services Overview:

  • Data Conversion Services
  • OCR conversion
  • XML conversion
  • HTML conversion
  • SGML conversion
  • File conversion
  • Document conversion
  • Data Processing Services
  • Form processing
  • Word processing
  • ICR processing
  • OCR processing
  • Survey processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Web publishing services
  • Data extraction
  • data maintenance
  • Copy Editing

Editing any document is very important it will increase the readability and efficiency of the document. Only when a document is edited it will be converted into a professional document which is clear, error free, concise and consistent. Copy editing is done based on different styles of information which are available in the market. The data maintenance process is a mix of Style editing, language editing and technical editing.

Assessment and Evaluation Services:

  • Database Governance & Security
  • Database Health Check
  • Database Capacity Optimization
  • Database Operations Standardization
  • High Availability Solutioning
  • License Rationalization
  • ERP / Database Vulnerability Assessment
  • DBA Tools Evaluation
  • Database Upgrade and Global Rollout Assessment

Build and Implementation Services:

  • Implement ERP / database high availability solutions
  • Implement Database Governance & Security standards
  • Upgrade: patch set and version
  • Migration: Cross platform / database
  • Database Performance standardization
  • ERP third-party integrations

Run and Maintenance Services:

  • Database Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Release / Change Management
  • DB Performance Tuning
  • Backup / Recovery Management
  • Database / ERP Upgrades
  • Database and Application Patching
  • Database and Application Cloning
  • Database Security management
  • Database Space Management
  • SLA Management
  • DB / SOX Audits
  • Dashboards

Go from bulk data to systematic information delivered at the point of decision

Data Management professionals at Web-Logicz:

Our professionals are having industrial expertise and strong domain knowledge which makes them one of the best in our industry. While saving around 50% yearly, you can ask your core team to focus on the most important activities of your organization. We have expertise that has knowledge of how data can be handled securely. We will also make sure that your data and information is kept secured and confidential.

Many companies are facing challenges in maintaining their complex and growing data which when meeting expectations about performance and accessibility makes it more reliable. We lead the way by which the data services are successful.

Our Data Maintenance Services:

We at Web-Logicz provide you data with high level accuracy, on-time deliveries, confidential maintenance and cost effective management services. These data can various forms e.g. handwritten notes, report printouts, typed letter, photocopiers, faxes etc.

With our services we will help your business for indexing, storing, retrieving, viewing and annotating of data. We will allow accessing the data and viewing the data as a collection without having the need for having the items. We know how important your requirement for this service would be and we will provide you effectively functioning solution for your organization.

We at Web-Logicz, help our customers to manage their data management processes to high standards. We will install an effective mix of efficient processes and technological to carry out the operations to perfection.

To learn more about Data Maintenance, Contact us today.