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Responsive Web Design | Web Logicz

Responsive Web Design

We believe that a solution for your business needs can be developed in multiple technologies but choosing the right technology is a major concern. Our chosen technology should be compatible with both present and future web scenario. Here come the responsive designs which take account of future needs in its functionality.

Nowadays everyone is relay on mobile to have a quick information access in this case it’s mandatory to change our web approach to meet needs of all users ranging from desktop users, tablet users, laptop users and mobile users within a single solution.

One design for desktop, one design for tablets, one design for pad, another design for smart phones and so on. This list keeps on increasing, it’s practically impossible to design custom website for each device. Therefore we shifted our approach toward responsive design which radically eliminates the need of dedicated design and development for each device.

We have a great deal of experience in designing responsive websites which exhibits optimal user experience regardless of the platform. We develop trendy responsive feature for all the sites we built. Without developing any custom coding for each screen size, we bring out the website to look great on all the devices with the help of responsive feature.

Here we list out few benefits of responsive design, definitely hereafter you will never think about normal design but blindly go away with responsive feature.

– Effortlessly get a great feel for various screen sizes

– Undergo an amazing User Experience at low cost

– Easy for Google crawlers to index which pick your SEO

– Cut off the bounce rate which in turn takes yours sales to the max out

– Best approach to target mobile sales and acquire stable brand identity

– Keep away from the development of standalone mobile website which saves your time and cost.

Even though it takes more time to develop the responsive website, it brings a long term solution for your website needs.  We take new challenges and present the site in an effective manner with the help of our awesome designers. We develop clean grid architecture without any loss of performance or its look and feel.

We make use of media queries to create style sheets and use fluid images, fluid grids to adapt the layout of viewing environment. We think innovatively and come up with exciting design concepts.

We can develop new responsive website from scratch and also turn your existing normal website into a responsive one at an affordable price.

As the mobile users are increasing tremendously while compare to desktop user, we understand its core value and built all our sites with responsive feature.