Web Analytics Services:

Web & its Mechanism:

Web is the most important tool which is used for knowing about any information. When people want to know about anything they will always prefer to rely on the help of a search engine. Search Engine is system which is used for retrieving all the information which is requested by the user.

The Search Engine is designed in such a way that it retrieves the information which the user requests for within a short span of time. The mechanism the search engine uses includes three important components like the web crawler, indexing and searching which makes the search engines work quickly and successfully.

The web crawler will crawl to all the pages in the web and will store the cached pages in form of HTML which will be stored and retrieved when the user needs. The indexing is the technique which will make sure that the cached pages are indexed to certain search criteria’s which can be used for indexing those pages in the search results i.e. keywords.

Once when the user types any query in the search box the results will be displayed those queries are the options which are used for indexing the page in the search result. So once when the page is indexed for certain criteria’s then once when those words are searched the search engine will automatically retrieve the HTML version of your page into the full functional website.

Web Analytics:

The quantity, compilation, analysis and coverage of the internet data for the purpose of accepting and optimizing the usage of the website is called as web analytics. Web analytics is a tool which is used for measuring the traffic in the website, performing market research and for improving the effectiveness of the website. This tool can help a company by providing it all the needed analysis regarding the company’s online growth and the research which can help for making the company worthwhile.

Web Analytics is a tool which will give you a complete analysis related to the management of your website traffic and calculating the number of visitors for your website. This tool will also be helpful for making sure of measuring the traffic and the popularity of the website which will be useful for the market research. The mainly used web analytics tools are Google Analytics, Spring Metrics, Woopra, Clicky, Mint, Chartbeat, Kissmetrics, UserTesting, Crazy Egg and Mouseflow.

These 10 are considered to be the most powerful web analytics tools in the market. In all of these 10 the most important and the mostly used web analytics tool is Google Analytics which is the most important tool which will help you generate and learn a detailed report about your website. Managing this tool needs professional skills and training which will determine how the website is moving towards it success.

There are two main types of web analytics which are On-Page and Off-Page Web Analytics. The On-Page Analytics will measure the number of visitors to the website; the pages that they are viewing and the time spend on each page. This analysis will provide you a view about your websites commercial view. This analysis will help you in finding out the key performance indicators about the website and the things which can be done for enhancing the feature of it.

The Off-Page Analytics is used for web measurement and analysis regardless to which website you are maintaining. It will also provide you an opportunity for measuring the website’s potential audience, visibility and comments which are being shared about you on the internet. Both the On-Site and Off-Site web analytics are important for making sure of the stability and the visibility of the website.

The On-Site Web Analytics will be totally dependent on the tool which we use for performing the web analytics. The main features which will be provided by the tool are page views, number of clicks, visit/session, unique visitor or usual visitor, bounce rate and path with which they have found the website from.

Our Web Analytics Services:

We at Web-Logicz are using Google Analytics tool for measuring the website performance. We have a dynamic team of professionals who has wide expertise in the field of web analytics. We know how important the visitors are for you and we will assure you of maintaining a complete track record about all the visitors for your website.

If you are website owner then you will surely need the help of a web analytics tool which can measure the performance of your website. Web analytics is the only one tool which is used for making sure of gaining more credibility about your website performance. If you want to draft a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of your website then you will need the use of a web analytics tool.

Handling a web analytics tool will require technical knowledge and should maintain more time in analyzing the website’s performance frequently. Maintaining the website performance is a major thing which will determine how effective the website is performing. Web Analytics will also help us determine where the useful traffic for the website is coming.

We will analyze the keyword and phrases for which there were more visitors for your website which will make you know the quality links which you are submitting. We will also make you know the status of your Social media websites and the popularity of your website in those websites which can determine the useful traffic which you can get on your website.

Our web analytics services include:

  • KPI Analysis
  • User Behavior Analysis
  • Exit and Lost Sales Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Increasing user-friendliness of web pages
  • Navigation inside the website
  • Keywords or phrases which are used often
  • Improved user experience
  • Number of referral links to the website
  • Bounce rate measurement
  • Website and search engine traffic
  • Tracking down the visitors and separating them into new or usual visitor
  • Links from which the click has been made.

We will provide a web analytics manger for you who will analyze your web analytics tool and can report you with all the necessary details that you will need about your website.